Till There Was You (3/?)

Title: Till there was you
Author: CassieVulcan
Pairing: John/Other Paul/Other eventual John/Paul
Rating: R
Summary: Paul get's trapped in an unwanted relationship
Disclaimer: I do not own the Beatles

A/N - Sorry this took so long to get up, it seemed like everytime I would sit down and try to write up the chapter my computer would delete it on me :/ Anywhere, here's part 3 :3

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Slow Down

SLOW DOWN - By CassieVulcan
John/PaulTimeline - 1965
If You Don't Like Don't Read.

      Paul never really was the kind of guy to take his relationships seriously. He met a pretty girl, took her home for a shag, and if she was good made her his girlfriend, but none of that meant that he actually stayed faithfull through it all either. He had affairs, and one night stands, because a Paul McCartney relationship is an OPEN relationship. Or at least, it is for him.
      John never really cared what his friend did, although he did envy the easy access the younger man had with the ladies, it never bothered him that Paul would cheat on his girls. John did it too afterall. They were young, wanting nothing more to have a bit of fun, and hell, they certainy had the access to any gril they wanted. So it never should have bothered any of the Beatles. But slowly, it began to.
      John had been noticing things he liked about Paul for a long time now. His hair, his eyes, and dare he say his ass. Paul was just a pretty looking bloke, there wasn't any other way to put it, and John had always been a sucker for a pretty face. So it was with trembling nerves that John realized he DID actually get bothered when Paul cheated. It was a bad reputation, that John really didn't want to think about.
      One night, after a rehearsal that had went as good as any rehersal could go, John had decided that he wanted a drink. Paul, wanting to share the company of his best friend followed. Now John would never admit it to his friend, but he loved it when Paul just randomly decided to keep him company. It was welcomed everytime. John had never had a best frend as good as Paul, and so he tended to cherish it, feeling very content with his friend's warm shoulder pressed up to his as they ordered their drinks.
       Apparently Paul didn't exactly feel the same way. Because just as the two men were really getting into their converstaion on their work progress, a pretty little blonde wearing a bit too much make up (in John's opinion anyway) strutted over leaning over Paul's shoulder and whispering into the younger man's ear. John's grip on his drink tightened.
        "Do you mind John? I doubt it will take long." Paul whispered winking at his friend as he nodded towards the blonde who had strutted over to the Hotel lobby. John figured that she had merely given Paul her room number.
        "Actually-" John began his answer of 'yeah I do mind', but Paul was already bouncing towards the door. John didn't know what made him do it, but he followed, throwing a few pounds on the tabel to pay for their unfinished drinks.
         Paul hadn't a clue that his best friend was behind him at all as he hopped into the elevator humming to himself at the prospect of what was about to happen. John managed to glimpse the pushing of the number 2 button, before he dashed for the stairs, taking the blasted things two at a time in his rush. Once he made it to the second floor, he creaked the door open, watching as Paul knocked on one of the doors, still humming, and then grinning brightly when the door opened and he was pulled inside.
        Hurridly John rushed over, and pounded on the door, his brain whirling as he tried to come up with a good excuse. There was a groan, and the shuffling of fabric being put back into place before the door finally swung open. "John Lennon?" The blonde gasped, her eyes widening at the sight of a second Beatle at her room door. Paul was at her shoulder in a second.
        "John!? What are you doing!?" He hissed, and John tried not to wince at the sight of a fully dishevelled mop-top, and lip stick stained cheeks.
        "I'm so sorry Paul, but it's an emergency! Georger, er, collapsed!" John lied, widening his eyes in what he hoped look liked fear. Paul blinked, his anger fading.
        "What?! Oh, ruddy hell! Sorry luv, but I must be off it seems." He sighed pressing a quick kiss to the un-named Blonde, that John tried not to scowl at, before following John out of the room and back into the elevator. "So what exactly happened to George? Will he be able to play the show tomorrow night?"
        "What? Oh, well, I suppose so...."
        Paul sighed, "Supposing isn't anywhere near enough John. You have to KNOW. How is he? Ringo's with him I assume?"
        "Er, yeah. Isn't he always?" John mummbled shoving his hands in his pockets as the elevator opened on the top floor. Paul immediately dashing over to their room door to unlock it. Why had John done what he did again? He couldn't remember, but that Blonde certainly didn't deserve to kiss Paul.
        "John... George isn't here." Paul's voice broke John from his thoughts as he shut the door behind him.
        "Oh, so he isn't. Well no harm done I suppose." John muttered plopping down onto one of the beds with a sigh and throwing one arm over his eyes. He didn't really want to see Paul's face at the moment. His head was spinning so fast, that he really only wished that it could slow down.
        "No harm done? No harm done!" And suddenly Paul had grabbed John's arm away from his eyes. "John you are a right foul git you know that!? What the hell is wrong with you mate!? No harm done ha!" And with that he headed over to his own bed grummbling all the way. John caught the words 'git' and 'what the ruddy hell were you thinking'.
        "I don't know."
        John sighed. "I don't know what I was thinking."
        For a minute Paul said nothing and then he went and sat at John's side, sighing. "Listen mate, I understand if you were a bit jealous of not having a bird of your own for the night, but the next time it happens will you please not ruin mine?"
        "I wasn't jealous of you." John grummbled glaring at the younger man that was looking down at him. "I was angry at you."
         Paul narrowed his eyes. "What?"
        "Tell me something Paul," John hissed, pushing himself into a sitting position so he could glare properly at his friend, "We're best friends yeah? So why is it that I'm always getting ditched for some slutty blonde?"
        Paul pushed John away standing up quickly. "You don't have a clue what you're talking bout John."
        "Like hell I don't!" John snapped standing as well, and stepping right back into Paul's personal space. Neither of them backed down, they were far to riled up for that.
        "What do you want from me then John!? Do you want me to say no when some hot thing asks for a shag! Because that is NOT going to happen!" Paul snapped right back folding his arms in annoyance and throwing John's glare back full force. "You're friendship can't fill up an entire night John!"
        That was the last straw for John, and with a quick shove had Paul sprawling across the floor with a thunk. "Like hell it can't!"
        Paul's eyes went wide, all traces of anger vanishing for the second time that night. "Y-you're drunk John. You've got to be.... only-"
       John frowned, "I'm not drunk Paul."
       "No you have to be, other wise you never would have offered-"
       "Offered what?"
       Paul stared up at the older man towering over him, still sprawled on the floor where had fallen. "John, think about what you just said."
       John's brow knit together, and he siged in annoyance but he did what he was told. Paul had said that his friendship couldn't fill up an entire night, and he had said - oh. Oh dear god.
       "I... well it's true isn't it!" John snapped, his eyes widening in shock when he realized he hadn't said what he was supposed to. Slowly Paul pushed himself back up, rising to his feet, his eyes fixed on John's face as he did.
       "John... tell me why you did what you did tonight."
       John's anger flared again, and he grabbed Paul's shoulder, this time pushing the man so he flopped down onto the bed, Paul clutched at the sheets wide eyed as John climbed on top of him, stopping when his nose was pushed up against the younger man's. "She doesn't deserve you. She doesn't deserve to kiss you, to touch you, to love you in a way that I can't!" He hissed, and Paul gasped slightly in fear at the crazed look in his friend's eyes.
       "Shut up! Don't you realize how much we've been through together?! Jesus Paul, in that Shakespear skit I was the fucking bird! And I never complained because I knew YOU were the fucking prince charming! I've spent years in awe of how stupidly flawless your damn eyes are, and how wonderful you fucking make me feel! And now you really expect for me to be able to deal with watching you shag every blonde little slut you can get your hands on! Not bloody likely!" John was panting as he shouted into the younger man's face, and Paul winced at the undeniable love that underlaced his words. Love and pain.
       "John..." He tried again, waiting for a minute to see if the man would shout at him again. When John said nothing he plunged foward, taking his chance, "I'm not trying to hurt you, but I'm not-"
       "Don't say it!" John hissed, eyes (slightly less crazed now) burning with a warning.
       "But I'm not-" Paul tried again only to be shut up in the best way ever known to man. With another set of lips on his. Kissing John was nothing like kissing a bird. John's lips were thin and firm above his as John took control of the kiss, switching from hard needy pushes, to sweet and loving caresses. Fire seemed to rush from where John was now connected with the younger man, through both of their bodies, warming them as John continued to press his lips to his friend's. Paul's head was spinning as he gasped into John's kisses, his eyes slipping closed as he finally gave in and responded, nipping at the older man's lips when John pulled away, and digging his hands into John's hair to keep him exactly where he was. He was so caught up in the kiss that Paul failed to notice that John had unbuttoned his shirt. Infact it wasn't until his friend's hand was unzipping his fly that Paul pulled away. "Too fast." He gasped, breathing in the much needed air as John burried his face in the crook of Paul's neck. Paul stroked the back of John's neck lightly. "Too fast." He repeated.
        "But you liked it." John grinned against the younger man's neck, sighing happily. "And that's good enough for me. For now."
        Paul gulped. "What does this-"
        "Shhh!" John interupted, lifting his head so that he could press his finger to Paul's lip. "Too fast."
        "Nuh-uh. You're taking it slow, I know you. So maybe someday you'll be able to handle that answer. But that's not going to be tonight Paulie."
        Slowly Paul nodded, accepting John's answer for what he already knew to be true. John grinned at the nod and then sighed pushing Paul over slightly so he could settle in at his side, yawning.
        "We have a show tommorrow, better get some rest." He mummbled, and Paul's heart beat quicker when John wrapped an arm around him, keeping him exactly where he was for the night.
        "John... what about George and Ringo?"
        "What about them? Oh relax Paulie, they won't be back until they're so drunk they won't remember a thing tomorrow. Trust me."
        And as always Paul did, hesitantly resting his head against John's chest as he closed his eyes, ready to drift off to sleep. John must have thought he was asleep already as Paul felt the older man's fingers smooth back his hair in gentle strokes, and then John's lips pressing against his forhead.
        "I love you."
        Paul's mind stuttered at the whispered confession from the man above him, slowly followed by John's even breathing. The older man was asleep. Paul gulped, and squeezed his eyes shut tighter, John was right. That was too fast. He could only hope that within the next whatever amount of time, that John would continue to try and slow it down for him.
        Then, maybe, then Paul could say it back. Just as long as things slowed down a bit first.

Snow Flecked Kisses
Disclaimer : I do not own Star Trek, nor do I own Jim Kirk, and Mr Spock :(

Snow Flecked Kisses

This was illogical. Spock knew it was, and he hoped Jim knew it as well. Although, his Captain did look particularly overjoyed at the happenings going on around them. The deep blue of his eyes glinting with delight despite the fact that there was tiny ice flakes (or 'snow' as he had heard Doctor McCoy call it) wedged between locks of the captain's golden hair, the chill of the wind causing his cheeks to flush a rosy pink. The rest of crew seemed delighted as well in fact. All of them running around the selected area on the surface of this planet with open emotions of joy and glee sketched onto their faces. Despite all of this happiness, however, Spock knew that behaving in such a childish, unprofessional way was simply... well, illogical.

"Come on Spock lighten up a little!" Jim chuckled slapping his first officer's shoulder. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

Spock preferred not to answer that question. Instead he rose an eyebrow, only thinking what he really wished to say to the captain, which certainly was no where close to this is beautiful. It was more along the lines of 'do you seriously expect me to enjoy myself while bundled up like this?'

Jim seemed to understand right away however because he sighed. "Look, I know you don't like the cold-"

"Hate would be a better chosen word, Captain."

"-However, seeing as I scheduled this very short amount of shore leave, I am expecting you to enjoy yourself Spock. Even if that means you have to run around taking tests, and running experiments on this planet."



"Jim. I must point out that even if I were to enjoy myself as you say, it would be difficult considering just how severely bundled I am." Spock stated, and if he could roll his eyes he would have. It seemed the Captain had once again failed to remember that unlike the rest of the crew that had only thrown on flimsy jackets, gloves, and a possible hat, Spock had to throw on three sweaters, one very bulky jacket, two scarves, thermal gloves, and a nice fur coated hat that went along nicely with his heated soul boots. He must have looked five times larger than he actually was.

"I admit Spock you do look... warm," Jim bit his lip, clearly trying to keep himself laughing. "But come on! This has to be the first time you've ever expierenced snow in your life correct?"

Spock raised a brow. "Quite."

A grin and a nod gave away Jim's joy at that one word. "Well hadn't it been you Spock that once told me that the first time you see or try something, you really have to make it count?"

Indeed Spock had said this. At a diplomatic meeting several weeks ago his captain had nearly blown the entire mission by refusing to try a very sacred dish of a greenish yellow pasta with sauce as dark red as blood. Spock, who had been sitting right beside him at the table had casually stomped on the Captain's foot, and with a simple touch of his finger to Jim's wrist he had managed to convey the message through his thoughts. Jim had thrown him a nasty look at the time, but had taken a very courageous bite of the dish, and to Spock's amusement, found that he rather enjoyed it.

Spock was pulled out of his thoughts by something extremely cold slamming into his shoulder. Stunned slightly Spock watched as the snowball melted slowly for a few moments before turning his slightly widened eyes, and raised eyebrow to face Jim.

If it had been anyone else they wouldn't have noticed the small display of emotion in Spock's features. But, because it was Jim he simply had to waggle his eyebrows suggestively, giving Spock that dirty smile that sent a wave of heat roaring through his blood. Not that he liked the smile in the least though, or anything.

"Just gonna stand there gaping Spock or are you gonna make the best of the snow and fight back?" There was a challenge in those words, and Spock narrowed his eyes, eager to accept, the question was how was he to have what the humans called a 'snowball fight' while wearing so many movement constricting clothes.

Jim seemed to notice Spock's dilemma and laughed. Turning to face the wide area where the rest of the crew was already in a full out snow ball war, he stuck two of his fingers in his mouth (and no Spock had so not stared wide eyed at that gesture thank you very much) and whistled loudly. The last few snowballs thrown hit their targets easily as every eye turned towards Jim, some of the crew members still having their arms raised in defence, others preparing to launch a snowball, and some even in the beginnings of making a snowball.

Jim smiled sweetly at them, eyes looking for one person in particular. Finally he found him crouched low near where the planets only forest began, as if preparing himself to dive behind a tree for protection. "Bones! It's time man!"

Bones grinned, standing from his crouch and running towards the place where Spock and Jim stood out of reach from all the firing snowballs with his arms over his head. The crew had looked excited for a moment at what the Captain had stated, and then easily went back into their snowball war.

It took a minute, but finally Bones was standing before them, panting slightly, and wringing his gloved hands together as he fought for warmth. "Damn this is great Jim. Fun in the snow, and then later some hot chocolate freshly replicated from the mess hall." He grinned, and stopped rubbing his hands together to dig through one of his pockets.

"The fun in the snow sounds more appealing to me though really." Jim grinned back at his friend. "You didn't forget it Bones did you?"

"Of course not kid, what kind of a doctor do you take me for? Although to be honest, I can't believe you convinced him to take it in the first place."

Having been quiet for that entire exchange, Spock finally decided that now was the best time to speak up. "Excuse me Doctor, but what is it that the Captain had convinced me to take?"

Bones gaped at Jim. "Good god man you haven't even told him yet?"

Jim shrugged, a sheepish grin covering his lips. "I was just about to."

Rolling his eyes Bones finally extracted from his jacket pocket... a hypo spray?

"Captain. Doctor. May I inquire why I am in need of medical treatment at this moment in time?"

"Well ya see Spock, I knew that the crew wanted to stop here... and well I didn't want you to not have fun since you're always working so damn hard yourself..." Jim kept pausing, wringing his hands in a nervous way that had Spock's eyebrow shooting up once again. "So I, uh, did some research, and I found this medication recipe from a long time ago, that humans used to prevent hypothermia."

"Captain I am afraid you have made a misjudgment, for I am not human-"

"I know Spock! Jeez, give me a sec. Anyway so I called up good ol' Bones here who knows more about Vulcan biology than anybody else on the ship besides you, and he managed to do the rest." Jim finished, the grin on his face unbearably bright.

"Did the rest of what Captain?"

Bones cleared his throat. "I revised the medication so that for the next three hours, your blood will boil at the same temperature a humans is in the cold. You're only gonna need one sweater, and one jacket Mr Spock."

Spock blinked, forcing down the feeling of flattery that was arising in his stomache. "Are you... are you positive that it will work?"

"I had that other you take a look at it. And guess what, you approve." Bones smirked. "Do you want it or not Spock?"

Before Spock could answer however another snowball smacked into Spock's arm. Spock froze, glaring at Jim who had his hands behind his back, smiling innocently. Challenge rose up in Spock like a wild fire. "You may proceed to inject the hypo spray Doctor."

Not paying any attention to the blinding grins on both Bones' and Jim's faces, Spock tensed himself for the very brief stab of pain in his neck, and then almost swayed where he stood when his heart stuttered to a halt, and then picked up speed. His blood jolted, heat rushing through out his system, and then suddenly... he was way too warm.

Feeling sweat begin to break out on his brow Spock shred his jacket so he could pull two of his three sweaters over his head, setting them neatly in a folded pile next to the rest of the crew's bags and belts before pulling his jacket on again. He then went to take of his gloves but a light touch on his wrist stopped him.

"That wouldn't be a good idea Spock. You're hands'll get cold real quick without gloves." Jim warned, Bones already having ran back to join the snowball war. "Now what d'ya say we go and join in huh?" Spock paused, considering the logic in going to join a ship wide Snoball fight when Jim sighed. "Oh please tell me your not figuring out the logic of fun?"

A light green flushed Spock's skin both from the chill wind, and his (very slight) embarrassment. Jim chuckled and dashed off to join the war, getting hit by a few snowballs as he did so.

Spock watched as Jim crouched down besides Bones who clapped him on the shoulder merrily, and then observed how they each made their snowballs. Carefully rounding fist fulls of snow, and then throwing them at random crew members. When said crew member would gasp and turn around to see who had gotten them Jim and Bones would dive into the trees and out of sight.

Hesitantly Spock crouched and picked up some snow. Even through his thermal gloved he could just barely feel how cold it was exactly, but Spock ignored his basic instinct to drop the cold thing immediately and carefully formed the snow into a sphere as his friends had done. Then Spock took off, dodging the snow people were flinging in all directions, and spotting Uhura made a beeline for her.

"Spock!" She gasped happily when he showed up. She as well ws flushed from the cold. "You're actually playing!"

"The captain seemed it wise that I should have some 'fun'." Spock commented, the barely there twist of his lips giving away his smile as he threw a snowball so hard it went all the way across the opening and smashed into the stunned face of one Pavel Chekov.

Uhura laughed, and for a good half an hour her and Spock were a solid team on their side of the opening. Despite the fact that they had broken up almost a year ago, Spock and Uhura had remained good friends. Spock had decided that the termination of the relationship had been a good thing because he had more focus on the ship. Uhura thought it was a good thing because she knew there was someone else that she could never beat in a war for Spock's heart, and she understood that.

Once the half hour of being a team was up Uhura was dragged away by Bones (who she had been spending an odd mount of time with lately) laughing and zig zagging across the field to avoid being hit. Left without someone to enjoy the rest of the night with (because Spock actually was enjoying himself) Spock went out in search for his Captain.

Several minutes and three snowballs to the head and arm later, he found Jim crouching in the shadows of the trees. His eyes targeted on Sulu, not far away. Spock smirked as he watched Jim scoop up some snow and carefully form it into a snow ball, Spock making his own snowball as well. And as Jim stood up slowly, reaching his arm back to throw the snowball, Spock through his own with such a force that Jim was actually sent flying backwards into the snow, his snowball having launched into the air, and then broken as it hit the ground.

Jim coughed, laughing all the same as he scrambled to his feet. "I know that was you Spock. Nobody else has that kind of strenght. Come on out."

Another twitch of the lips, and Spock took a step forward revealing himself to his friend. "I believe we are now even Captain."

Jim's eyes glinted. "To hell we are."

And so a second, much smaller snowball fight broke out between Captain and First Officer. This one continued long after many of the crew members had headed back towards the ship, seeking warmth. It wasn't until Jim and Spock were the very last ones that Jim through up his hands in defeat laughing.

"I give up. You're obviously the better warrior Spock."

"You were a fair component Jim."

"Shucks you flatter me Spock. Ready to head back in?" Jim asked gesturing towards where he had left his belt and his communicator. "You'll have to try some hot chocolate next."

"Did you not say that I had three hours of warmth in my system Jim?" Spock asked, not even bothering to remind the captain that he couldn't have chocolate unless the crew wanted to witness a very illogical, and very emotional inebriated First Officer.


"Then I still have another 1.36 hours before I need to return to the ship. I would like to, 'expirence this to it's full potential' as you had said previously."

Jim's grin widened. "How about a snowman then Mr Spock? And maybe snow angels?"

As it turns out Spock didn't very much enjoy making snow angels, though he did not regret gaining the experience. Making the snow man was much more 'fun' as Jim taught him how to roll the tiny snow ball into a much larger Snow man's body. It took Spock no time at all with his superior strength to finish the snowman, so Jim also introduced the Vulcan to sledding, (which they improvised with a rather icy hill) and building a fort.

After both these activites were finished Spock and Jim walked through the still falling snowflakes silently, both with their now somewhat chilled hands deep in their pockets. Spock's eyes were trained on his own feet, listening to the crunch of the snow, and feeling rather peaceful there in the cool air. Jim's eyes were trained on Spock, and he couldn't help but notice just how beautiful (yes beautiful) the Vulcan looked flushed a light green, a hat covering his head, and little white specks slowly melting atop of his head and shoulders.

"So is snow beautiful yet to you?" He asked suddenly, causing Spock's gaze to finally leave his feet and turn to Jim.

"I do not quite understand why you think snow beautiful."

Jim sighed, and glanced up, stopping them both in their tracks as he thought it over. "It just... it falls from no where ya know? Like a kind of gift from the planet. And it swirls, and sways as it falls, almost like a dance. And no two snowflakes look alike, did you know that? They symbolize each and every separate human, and non-human being in the universe. All different, all there."

Spock found himself captivated by Jim's words, and watched in awe as a snowflake landed gently on his friend's lip. Melting their quickly due to the heat of his breath. Jim lowered his head again to look at Spock and grinned, paying no attention as a second snowflake landed on his cheek.

Spock's hand shot out so fast Jim almost recoiled in fright of being hit, but then gentle as anything, one of Spock's gloved fingers swiped the snowflake away, and then silently Spock braught the melting snow to his eyes to examine. Jim was frozen, even through a layer of fabric he could feel the heat of Spock's hand like fire on his skin.

Very slowly, Spock raised his finger to his mouth and tasted the snow flake. Jim's knees practically buckled at the dark look in his First Officer's eyes, but he stayed strong, and stood tall.

Finally Spock lowered his hand, paused as if thinking, and then finally stated, "It is no more than water. Half way between solidification."

"Yeah. Thought you would have already known that Spock. Taking a huge bite of snow is just like taking a big gulp of ice cold water."

Spock seemed to consider this for a moment and then started walking again, Jim hurrying to match his strides. "Tell me another interesting thing one does in the snow."

Jim thought about it. He really, really did, but he came up blank. "I honestly couldn't tell ya anything else Spock. There's not much else to do in the snow. I can only base everything else off of what I saw on TV."

"Is there nothing else you witnessed two people do in the snow on television then?"

Oooh, Bad thought Jim! Bad! Jim coughed, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly with his blush. "Where there is one thing."

Spock who had been carefully trying not to get lost in the tantalizing eyes of his Captain waited for him to continue, but when that seemed unlikely he pressed further, "Yes?"

"See remember when we were talking about how beautiful the snow is? Well, people kind of take Beautiful settings and they make them, well, romantic." Spock's brow shot up at the word causing Jim to stutter and ramble faster. "I-I mean in a lot of those Romantic movie type deals that come out around Christmas most of the couples would have fun in the snow together, admit their shared feelings too each other and then... share a kiss in the falling snow."

Spock was silent for a moment, and Jim was sure he was tomatoe red by that time when he asked, "Are you insinuating that because we 'had fun in the snow together' that we must now share feelings and subject to a 'first kiss' of the sorts?"

Jim actually tripped on his own feet. "N-no! I-I mean we don't have too! I was just trying-"

"Jim." Automatically Jim's mouth went dry as Spock stepped closer to him, dark eyes searching bright blue. "I will admit to having a great deal of respect and admiration for you." Jim's heart sank, and here came the 'but'. "But, I must also admit to having... an attraction to you."

Jim's breathing hitched in his throat, and all he could think of to say was, "W-what?"

"I can understand if it is odd. However as I do wish to have the full 'snow day' experience, I have admitted it. And... now, well..."

Jim had never seen Spock speechless before, but this most certaily was a speechless Spock. And a nervous one too from the way he shifted closer hesitantly and carefully.

"Now, I believe it is your turn to admit to something."

Clearing his throat Jim tried to grin confidently but was sure it came out way more nervously then anything else, and stated, "I... have felt an attraction to you as well Spock... but I um... There's a bit more to it then that..."

Spock took another step forward so there was no more than a mere centimeter of space between them, his eyes glinting of knowledge. "You love me." It wasn't a question. Jim's retort died in his throat at the sentence. He wanted to deny it, to run away as quickly as he could, to be anywhere else but there at this moment, when Spock whispered. "As I love you."

There was no words to describe how perfect it felt when their lips finally meant. Gently at first, the perfect fitting, like a missing puzzle piece or the missing half of ones soul meshed together. Then as their first taste of each other waned away the kiss got more desperate. More needed as Spock's arms encircled Jim's waste possessively and pulled their bodies flush together. Jim's arms wrapping tightly around the Vulcan's neck in return.

It wasn't until much later that they both pulled away for air and Jim buried his face in the crook of Spock's neck, feeling the other's arms tighten around him. "I love you." He whispered.

Spock allowed himself a real small smile. "As I love you my T'hy'la." And he kissed his hair gently. It was only then, right there with Jim finally in his arms at last, that Spock could finally look out at the falling snow, and say that yes, it was indeed beautiful.


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